Saturday, April 16, 2016


Phyllis "The Dinosaur" Schlafly has backed The Donald and as a result some folks in The Eagle Forum are thinking about having her thrown out of the forum. Even better, Mark "Foamer" Levin gets a strong taste of his own bile:
Trump Ally Roger Stone Attacks Mark Levin: “Whore,” “Cockroach,” “Worm,” “Prostitute,” “Paid Shill For Ted Cruz”


Ken Hoop said...

Your previous comments on Benghazi seemingly did not reach to the crux of the matter and were apparently off the mark somewhat in the areas they addressed.
I'm not sure even Sanders can lay claim to be the consistent anti-imperialist the one man with clean hands in the mess has, Dennis Kucinich. But certainly the 25% of Sanders voters who say they will not vote Clinton have a case.

Steve J. said...

Here's what I think "the crux of the matter" is: The US needs to completely withdraw from the Middle East.