Sunday, October 14, 2012


I've seen this image before but I didn't think anyone would put it in the front window of his own business:

This was worn by a guy at a Romney rally:

More residue from Birther Madness:
Wisconsin Senate Candidate's Son Says We "Have The Opportunity" To Send Obama Back To Kenya

Finally, Mr. Infidelity gives a "dog whistle" -
Fear-Chucker: Fox Contributor Mark Sanford Says Obama To ‘Throw A Lot Of Spears’ At Debate  —  
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Ken Hoop said...

The picture of the white guy is said to be a plant. I hope its true, because Romney is as anti-white working class as Obama.

BTW, here's a Puma/Hillary Clinton stalwart blogger getting on O's case but good. Could you call this "reverse sexist" propaganda?