Tuesday, July 23, 2013


martianexpatriate at DKos has a post that contains some great news:
Michael Mann is a well known scientist who works for Penn State.  About a year ago a blogger for the Competitive Enterprise Institute suggested that because of the scandal in the athletics department, the university might be covering up malfeasance by Michael Mann.

 These accusations were then repeated at the National Review.  Comparisons were made between an accused pedophile at Penn State and Michael Mann himself, and they went on to accuse him of scientific fraud.  They included phrases such as "data manipulation," and "scientific misconduct." In short, they didn't just say he was wrong.  They said he was lying.

Michael Mann sued for defamation last year.  The National Review moved that scientific fact is elusive and amounts to opinion and attempted to have the suit thrown out of court.  On July the 22, the judge denied their motion, and he did so in such a way that suggested that he considers Michael Mann's case to be pretty strong. 
It's VERY important that we support Prof. Mann's fight against the conservative Noise Machine, so let's not be shy of posting rebuttals to the smears by the barbarians.

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