Saturday, August 10, 2013


Ron Suskind argued that the criminal Bush regime used a "1% doctrine" to justify the use of violence:  even if there was as a little as a 1% chance something could be a real threat to America, violence was justified and I noted that this 1% rule applies to other situations.  In the past year or so, conservatives have been whining about people using food stamps to buy lobster & filet mignon.  There are a few people who do game the system  and that's all conservatives seem to need to justify severe cuts (or even elimination) of the food stamp program. 

UPDATE:  Here's a great example of conservative ignorance about food stamps...
GOP Congressman Displays Contempt and Ignorance While Blasting Food Stamp Recipients
By: Keith BrekhusAug. 9th, 2013
Congressman Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma (R) displayed a contemptuous attitude towards food stamp recipients and complete ignorance of how the program works when he blasted a couple who was “physically fit” as fraudulent criminals because they bought groceries with an EBT card in Crystal City, Virginia.  His only evidence of fraud was that the couple looked “physically fit”. 

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