Sunday, September 15, 2013


(h/t karoli at Crooks & Liars)

His reactionary comments about Jesse Helms are matched by his belligerent attitude to foreign affairs.
Ted Cruz: U.S. Should Turn Up the Heat on China, Russia

By Rebekah Metzler
September 11, 2013
US News & World Report

...Obama should force China and Russia to actually veto the proposal and publicly embrace Assad, he added, so that American would be justified by raising hostilities.

"And then in response…we should respond directly with respect to Russia by immediately reinstating the anti-ballistic missile stations in Eastern Europe that at the beginning of the Obama administration they canceled in an effort to appease Russia," Cruz said. "And with respect to China, we should immediately approve the sale of F-16s to Taiwan that the administration canceled in order appease China."

Echoing former President Ronald Reagan, Cruz said he favors "peace through strength."

"Bullies and tyrants don't respect weakness or appeasement; in the Arab world, appeasement only encourages more violence; I am a big believer of peace through strength," he said. "We should understand that we don't deal with nations like Russia and China by embracing arm and arm, and signing Kumbaya. The one thing Russia and China understand and respect is strength."

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