Saturday, September 14, 2013


Alexa ranks websites by traffic and you can narrow its results down to those just for America.   I looked for news outlets on the Left & Right to get an idea of how many Baggers are plugged in to the Net.  Here are the top news & opinion sites in America, followed by the Alexa ranking.
CNN Interactive (16)
The Huffington Post (21)
The New York Times (31)
FOX News (37)
NBC News (53)
USA Today (65)
Forbes Magazine (69)
Washington Post (76)
The Wall Street Journal (83)
Drudge Report (88)
Overall, the Left has more Internet followers than the Right.

Here are the rankings for America from -
CNN.COM (17)
Drudge Report (55)
The New York Times (64)
Reuters (70)
The Los Angeles Times (90)
CBS.COM (93)

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