Sunday, September 08, 2013


I was hoping that the "create a scandal" side of the GOP Noise Machine had become ineffective but from the comments on this Yahoo article about Gregory Hicks, it still has some life in it.   Here are a few examples from the highest rated comments:
rip greens  •  6 hours ago Report Abuse
"At this point, what's it matter?" Hillary Clinton. WRONG ANSWER!!!!!!!

ROGER  •  6 hours ago Report Abuse
this whole thing is a disgrace to america and with hillary and obama lieing out their a--s about all of this should be dealt with in a hard way, poor leadership from both of them. hillary and obama should be out of office for good for them lieing to the american public.
  shamrann  •  6 hours ago Report Abuse The stark, shocking pictures of the way he was tortured and killed by those MUSLIM ANIMALS is embedded in all of our memories ..the only ones who want us to dismiss this as trite irrelevance are Obama, and Hillary May THEY both ROT!
UPDATE: As usual in these cases, FOX NEWS is committed to keeping Benghazi an issue.

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Ken Hoop said...

Well, as Rummy-and now, perhaps, Kucinich might say, you go with the army you have.