Sunday, September 08, 2013


On the very serious matter of attacking Syria, Samantha Power took no questions when she spoke at CAP, according to David Weigel:
Well-advertised, though announced only 24 hours earlier, U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power's appearance at the Center for American Progress was ringed by pomp. Outside the think tank's downtown Washington offices, a dozen Code Pink protesters waved signs and bullhorned jokes at reporters. Inside, there were two security checkpoints to assure, presumably, that a speech for which 23 cameras would pack into a small room would not be interrupted.
And it was just that -- a speech. Power took no questions, choosing instead to deliver 20 minutes of arguments for air strikes on Syria.

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Perhaps if the Congressional Black Caucus doesn't allow Obama off the hook, Ms vanden Heuvel will believe she has more room to adopt a more forceful position.

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Katrina is essentially correct on this issue but I still ask why she and none of the liberals (except Kuchinich) have pointed out that the CW bans do not call for military strikes but for the accused to be taken to the courts in the Hague. If Obama attacks Syria he will be violating the very laws the Administration cites as justification for the attacks.
It is good that Katrina is against Obama's planned attacks, but she buys his lies about CWs. She is letting Obama off the hook.