Wednesday, May 07, 2014


From Tom Taylor Now:
Salem’s campaign for Santorum’s “Blue Collar Conservatives” book is a template.
Count the platforms, and the cogs in the machine that can make Salem (and possible 2016 presidential candidate Santorum) money. First, Salem’s newly-acquired Regnery Publishing has the “Blue Collar” book. Then Rick Santorum is put on five different national shows from Salem Radio Network (spending an hour with Michael Medved, for instance). Santorum also appears on specific Salem-owned local stations, which is particularly effective when there’s a local book-signing. And Santorum’s book is promoted on Salem-owned political sites like TownHall and the newly-acquired RedState and HumanEvents. In fact, Salem’s biggest event in first quarter was its early-January closing on Eagle Publishing, whose assets dovetail particularly well with Salem’s, according to CEO Ed Atsinger. Ed tells yesterday’s Q1 call they’re “off to a very encouraging start” and are “particularly enthused about the prospects for Regnery Publishing,” the conservative imprint of Eagle. At the last minute, Regnery grabbed Ed Klein’s new “Blood Feud” book about the alleged rivalries and jealousies between the Clintons and the Obama. It was originally supposed to be published by HarperCollins, but Murdoch-owned HarperCollins terminated the contract. On yesterday’s Q1 call, Atsinger sounds more than ready to promote the book, and he says the experience with Rick Santorum can “help us sign up new authors” who’d be attracted to a publisher that also owns dozens of radio stations and a radio network.

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