Sunday, June 22, 2014


Megan Kelly also asked John Bolton some hard questions about Iraq so her interview with Cheney wasn't a fluke.
Kelly Calls Out Bolton on Iraq: ‘Is That Why You Don’t Want to Discuss the Past 10 Years?’
by Tina Nguyen | 10:44 am, June 21st, 2014

The discussion over Obama’s decision to commit troops to Iraq grew heated when Kelly asked Bolton whether past decisions about the Iraq War, combined with the fact that the war was wildly unpopular by its end, contributed to the current deterioration of Iraq — and Bolton responded that those decisions were “irrelevant to what we face now.”

“I know, you keep saying that,” Kelly shot back, “but it actually is relevant to a lot of people out there who are wondering, ‘How did we get here?’ Is it not relevant to ask, ‘How did we get here?’”

The back and forth continued for a bit, and then Kelly dropped the big question: “You know that a lot of people are out there tonight saying, ‘Well, weren’t you one of the people who was in favor of going into Iraq in the first place. Is that why you don’t want to discuss the past ten years and whether they were worth it?”

While Bolton said that he’d be “happy” to discuss the decisions of the past ten years, “that’s not the question that America faces today.”
UPDATE: Stephen M. Walt pretty much agrees with Mr.Pitt's sentiment:
Being a Neocon Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry
These guys were wrong about every aspect of Iraq. Why do we still have to listen to them?
BY Stephen M. Walt
JUNE 20, 2014

But given their past failures, what explains neoconservatism's apparent immunity from any degree of accountability? How can a group of people be so wrong so often and at such high cost, yet still retain considerable respect and influence in high circles? For America to pay the slightest heed to neoconservatives is like asking Wile E. Coyote how to catch the Road Runner, seeking marital advice from the late Mickey Rooney, or letting Bernie Madoff handle your retirement portfolio.

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Ken Hoop said...

Dear Bill Cunningham,

Quit lying about the Iraq War. The majority of House Dems did NOT vote to support it, contrary to your lies.
It was not a mistake by incompetents, but a purposeful war crime.
Shia militias did NOT make the majority of hits against US troops
in the Iraq War, Sunni insurgents did.
If the US "meant well" in the Mideast as you claim, it would moved Israel off the Occupied Territories a couple of decades ago and cut off all aid to all parties, from Egypt to Saudi to Israel.
Obviously since Israel owns Congress this will not be done, rather policy will be calibrated around whatever needs the Israeli government in power deems essential.