Friday, June 20, 2014


From Vox:

6. 0 weapons of mass destruction

Charles Duelfer speaks at the Wilson Center on September 27, 2013 in Washington, DC. Photo by Erkan Avci/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
As weapons inspector Charles Duelfer told the Senate after he and the Iraq Survey Group scoured the country for evidence of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons programs, "It is my judgement that retained stocks do not exist. I still do not expect that militarily significant WMD stocks are hidden in Iraq." None have come to light since he said that ten years ago. You can read the ISG's full report here.

So not only did hundreds of thousands of people die and trillions of dollars get squandered, but the actual strategic objective of the war (defusing the WMD threat) was nonexistent, as was the humanitarian objective of creating a pacific liberal democracy. The war accomplished little to nothing at an enormous cost. Let's not repeat it.

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Ken Hoop said...

Clear Channel second-stringer at best, Gary Jeff Walker today said
"they changed the rules about what WMDs are so they could criticize Bush." ISIS he implied was using discovered WMDs.

Not really, foo foo dust boy.

The definition of WMDS was agreed on by all entities concerned in 2002. From the UN to the American government. And Saddam had none.

In fact your guy Bush conceded when the Kay Report was released that he had been "mistaken" about WMDS--- and the Kay Report of course used the original definition.

Walker also said today the US should stay out of Iraq unless it can grow some balls and "kill all the Muslims" there.

According to his previous definition, that would mean not only ISIS but secular nationalist
Muslims and pro-Iranian Muslims...any Muslim who didn't submit to Israeli-American occupation and hegemony.

Gary Jeff Walker-- still unable to address war and foreign policy without showing his bloody service to Zionist oppression, imperial barbarism and his dishonesty.