Thursday, October 02, 2014


No matter what Pres. Obama does aside from resigning, the Baggers in Congress won't be happy with him, so Harman is just wrong:
A Republican for Attorney General?
October 01, 2014

At this point in his presidency, Barack Obama has an opportunity to build consensus.


Ken Hoop said...

Leon Panetta is another sellout who criticises Obama for not being more of a sellout.

But the comments here capture the main thrust, screw defending Obama.

Golden48 • 6 hours ago
Okay point made. Now talk about how he sold out the poor and middle class to wall street - no one goes to jail, bonuses untouched, and fines that are laughable. As a Mexican-American whose people have been subject to generations of exclusion, repression, and brutality, I hear you but when are Blacks going to become inclusive of others that are also victims of a rigged system of inequality? Are we the wrong color?
Which volume are we in?
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Ron300 Golden48 • an hour ago
If you want to read about how Obama sold the country out, go Bill Moyer's home page and read To Big to Jail.
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disqus_9PbPswDoJ8 • 37 minutes ago
Nice try. It's not about Obama's race. By the way he's not the first black President. He's the first minority President as Obama is white as he is black. Problem with Obama is not his race. It's lack of integrity. He lied to the American people over and over. He daid he would have a transparent administration yet it has been more autocratic than any in our history. There's nothing in there that has anything to do with race. This is simply a man that is all about himself be he white, black, or purple. That alone makes him the worst President in my lifetime.

Ken Hoop said...

Jim Dean does have some encouragement for Obama, if he gets right with the truth and resists the Lobby.