Saturday, November 01, 2014


Before the 2000 Presidential election, Al Gore was treated very poorly by the mainstream media (See The Daily Howler for many examples) and this year Norm Ornstein points out that the Democratic senate candidates are getting the same poor treatment:
A Nexis search shows that the Post has had four references to Ernst and Agenda 21—all by Greg Sargent on his blog from the left, The Plum Line, and none on the news pages of the paper. But there have been dozens of references to Braley’s spat over the neighbor’s chickens, including a front-page story. The New York Times had zero references to Ernst and Agenda 21, but seven, including in a Gail Collins column, to Braley and chickens. The Post did have a fact-check column by Glenn Kessler devoted to the Cotton claims on Mexican drug lords and ISIS terrorists—Cotton did not fare well—but no news stories. The Times did not mention it at all.
This time, the public isn't being informed of the many wacko positions held by many of the GOP Senate candidates.


Ken Hoop said...

Ray McGovern was treated worse.

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