Saturday, January 10, 2015


According to this AP article, the viciousness of ISIS may lead to something of a "Reformation" in Muslim religious beliefs:
Violence fuels debate among Muslims over interpreting faith
5 hours ago

CAIRO (AP) — After gunmen in Paris killed 12 people, Saudi Arabia's top body of Muslim clerics quickly condemned the attack and said it could have no acceptable justification.

...the past year has seen increasing voices among Muslims saying their community must re-examine their faith to modernize its interpretations and sideline extremists. As much as recent attacks in the West, the rise of startlingly vicious violence by Sunni Muslim militants in the name of Islam against fellow Muslims, including Sunnis, brought it home for many Muslims that something must change in religious discourse.

In Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State group has butchered entire families of Sunnis and beheaded Sunni soldiers, as well as Western hostages. In Pakistan, a Dec. 16 militant attack on a school that killed 150 people, mostly children, stunned the country. It made many Pakistanis question any empathy they felt in the past toward militant groups — the attitude of "even if they're wrong, they're still fellow Muslims."


Ken Hoop said...

Not really. What is needed is the dismantling of the American Empire and its foreign policy, which causes most of the popularity of "radical Islam."

Steve J. said...

the dismantling of the American Empire and its foreign policy

I agree but after that there's still the problem of religious extremism.

Ken Hoop said...

The US funds and trains radical Islam as in Afghanistan versus the Soviet in 1979, and ISIS to get Assad.
It enables Israel's oppression which ensures radical Islam will be a force as long as Palestine's restoration is thwarted.
Even were it good for Islam to undergo a Reformation, there is no vacuum in which it could do so.
But the US, in theory could maintain enough military to protect the nation
so Americans would not even worry about what would be left of radical Islam, that is after the offending bases and interventions were eliminated in the Mideast.
To do this of course we would need to replace our political Elite.

Steve J. said...

and ISIS to get Assad.

I'm still not sure about this although I would not be surprised at another Mideast fuckup by the U.S.

Ken Hoop said...

Well, yes but the strategy itself is evil, not just blunder, would be evil even if there were such militias which could be organized as what the US government refers to as "moderates" or "westernizers" etc.