Saturday, January 10, 2015


Supposedly lay Catholic spokesman Gasbag Bill Donahue argues that Muslims "have the right  to be angry" at Charlie Hebdo and Bryan Fischer (h/t digby) continues that sick line of thought by suggesting "the attack by radical Muslim terrorists on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo that killed twelve people may have been God's retribution for the magazine's blasphemy."

UPDATE: Huge Ego Hewitt attacked Gasbag Bill because of this:
"You blamed the victim before their bodies were cold," Hewitt accused. "Everyone listening to this show believes that you are blaming the victim before their bodies were cold. It’s deeply embarrassing to me as a Catholic."

Hewitt also accused Donohue of being a "bully," of "lying," of being an "embarrassment" to Catholics. He said Donohue's comments on the attack on Charlie Hebdo are a "scandal on the church."

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