Monday, October 19, 2015


Despite the oddly shaped head, Trey Gowdy is supposed to be one of the smart ones:

Michael Isikoff
Chief Investigative Correspondent
October‎ ‎19‎, ‎2015
Yahoo News
The Republican-led House Select Committee on Benghazi hastily deleted the name of a high-level Libyan defector from one of its public releases on Monday, shortly after Yahoo News reported the panel had inadvertently revealed the defector’s name in an effort to embarrass Hillary Clinton.


Ken Hoop said...

It's not cool when a "progressive/socialist" leftie plays Cold Warrior as Sanders did on the Tavis Smiley show yesterday, approving of Obama's hawkish policy reversal in Afghanistan and
promoting the overthrow of Assad.

Anonymous said...

"The most remembered line of the debate was Bernie’s statement that “the American people are sick and tired of hearing about [Hillary Clinton’s] damn e-mails.” Here Sanders further demonstrated his sheepdog commitment to the dollar-drenched and neoliberal party of Robert Rubin, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the arch-neoliberal Barack Obama. A left candidate who was serious about defeating the Clinton machine would hardly be in the business of helping provide Hillary cover on her criminal and classically neoliberal use of a private corporate e-mail server for public sector (the State Department no less) communications."