Wednesday, November 11, 2015


He, Glenn Beck and other wackos are still going on about the "weak dollar."  From last night's debate:
SEN. RAND PAUL, R-KY.: Absolutely. And I think that we ought to look where income inequality seems to be the worst. It seems to be worst in cities run by Democrats, governors of...
-- states run by Democrats and countries currently run by Democrats. So the thing is, let's look for root causes.
We also find that as the Federal Reserve destroys the value of the currency, what you're finding is that, if you're poor, if you make $20,000 a year and you have three or four kids, and you're trying to get by, as your prices rise or as the value of the dollar shrinks, these are the people that are hurt the worst.
Marketwatch has the US Dollar Index numbers  for the last 5 years:


Ken Hoop said...

Booman had a post on the "embarrassing" debate and mentioned that Trump was caught off mike saying workers were paid too much. Haven't heard any more about this.

Steve J. said...


Thanx for the tip!


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