Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Ben Carson is another in a long line of conservative frauds:
Yahoo then asked Carson why he wrote stories about his past that he no longer wants to discuss.
“Because before it was an autobiography, and it’s not an autobiography now because it’s already been written,” Carson said.


Ken Hoop said...

It takes a neocon or neolib to tell these lies. In fact it is the US which played a key part in destabilizing Ukraine and an overwhelming part in doing so in the Mideast. World polling shows the US not Russia is considered the international bully, along with its
little buddy Israel of course.
This is from Carson but it could have been also from Clinton.

"Russia and Lessons Learned
Vladimir Putin’s Russia has become dangerously belligerent. It is actively destabilizing Ukraine, endangering Europe in the process and continuing to fuel destabilization in the Middle East. This newfound aggressiveness is a rising threat to the peace and security of the American people.

The United States must be resolute in the face of these Russian transgressions. We must lead our allies, both NATO and non-NATO alike, from a position of strength.
All options should remain on the table when dealing with international bullies such as President Putin."

Steve J. said...

but it could have been also from Clinton. That's the sad truth.